Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Palooza

It's Pumpkin Palooza People! Time to show off your pumpkin decorating skills. Have a creative way you've decorated a pumpkin? Carved, painted, glitter, etc. share your pumpkin creations here.

Update: I've finally finished carving our pumpkin and wanted to share my pix with you. I love this one. It is one of the Pumpkin Master's stencils. I've been up way too late doing this, but I love the end result. Enjoy!

I am going to leave this post running through the weekend and skip doing a Fabulous Favorite Friday post in the hopes that folks will share their pumpkin pix. Have a Happy Halloween and I'll be posting an update on Monday of our Halloween adventures!

p.s. We had a great birthday celebration for little Logan's 1st birthday.


Paula said...

Your pumpkins are super cute. I tried to add a link but it didn't work. I got the screen where you add it and then the link went to that screen instead of on your page. I'll try one more time and hope not to get a double entry!

jsknowlton said...

You are super talented and creative. We haven't even started.

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