Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Yesterday I got an email advertisement that said there were 52 days left until Christmas. So, that makes it now 51 days until Christmas. Yikes!

This year I have started shopping early to get a head start. I personally like shopping early because it now only relieves my stress, but it also spreads the costs out. Trying to shop with two little ones is definitely a challenge, so I find that I don't get as much accomplished.

I wanted to share a couple of ideas with you of things I've recently purchased that may work for folks you've got on your list.

As I've mentioned before, my little Logan loves Elvis. It is so funny how he just calms right down in the car when I put on the Elvis' Greatest Hits CD. So, when I went to Hallmark recently and saw they are selling an Elvis Christmas CD, I snatched it right up. We have actually started listening to it in the car. So if you know someone who likes Elvis, I'd check this out. I've seen advertisements that many Hallmarks are having their Open Houses this weekend. Many stores have great deals during that time, so you might want to check out a Hallmark near you. I also find them to be a great place to pick up nice, inexpensive gifts such as cute holiday spreaders, cookie platters, and of course holiday ornaments.

Yesterday I bought one of the easiest gifts I've purchased this year. I picked up the phone and called Kraft Foods and ordered their "Food & Family" magazine for my grandmother. This has been a free publication, but they are now charging a subscription for it. Right now when you purchase a subscription, they are also giving a free gift of their "Best Loved Recipes" cook book. My grandmother has enjoyed this magazine, so I took advantage of the great price and ordered her a two year subscription. Plus she will get the free cook book as well. You can either give them a call, or you can go to their website to order subscriptions.

As I was out and about yesterday, I popped into Bath and Body Works and browsed around. I love their holiday gift sets and scents. They have my favorite scent back this year, Winter Candy Apple. I purchased one of their small antibacterial bottles in the Winter Candy Apple scent. I don't remember them coming in the holiday scents, so I was excited to see them. I will definitely go back and pick up some more of these for gifts. With this whole H1N1 and bad flu season going on, I think these will make great extras for folks this holiday season.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm excited to see that ELF makeup products are now in Target. I may have to grab a few of their things as gifts too. You can't beat the price.

So, those are just a few things I've purchased that I thought might be of interest to you as you are developing your Christmas lists. So if you haven't started your shopping yet, then you better get started. Because soon there will only be 50 days left to shop.

Have a great day in your neck of the woods!

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Mia said...

Great ideas! Thank you!! I've wanted to try the ELF brand, good to know it's good. I LOVE that Target carries Boots No. 7 now. Their skin care is THE best!

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