Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Cookies

Happy Turkey Week everyone! The big day is quickly approaching. I can almost smell the turkey and pumpkin pie. MMMM.

Yesterday we decided to get in the Thanksgiving spirit and make these super easy turkey cookies. These were featured in a Betty Crocker Cookies & Bars magazine that came out in September. Months ago, I did some kind of online survey thingy where they were asking people to choose which cover they would buy. I was pleasantly surprised to receive this magazine in the mail for free.
The recipe calls for using BC sugar cookie mix. I love their mix and have used it before, but I didn't have a lot of time so I saved a step and bought Wal Mart's slice and bake sugar cookies. Oh my goodness, they are a little slice of heaven. They have to be bad for you. LOL
All you do is bake your cookies. Then you'll need some chocolate frosting, candy corn, small m&ms, and another color of icing for the beak & feet. You just need to frost the cookies with your chocolate frosting and then arrange the candies. And that is it! You can see from my pictures how to position your candy. It is a super easy project. I have to be honest and the cookies that I took photographed are the turkey's I finished. Sawyer decorated one and gave that one to daddy. I had to cut him off because that kid was shoving m&m's and candy corn in as fast as he could. So if you do this project, I don't recommend doing it before nap time. LOL
I hope you enjoy our little gobblers!


Cassie said...

These cookies are too cute!

Feel free to drop by my blog today and link up this post and any other Thanksgiving related crafts or recipes that you want to share with my readers!

southerninspiration said...

Cute, Mrs. Crafty!!! ;)


jsknowlton said...

These are adorable. I'll have to keep this in mind when Shrade is older.

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