Monday, November 2, 2009

Sugar Rush

Happy Monday everyone!
Is anyone else feeling the after affects of having so much sugar in a few days? I thought I'd post this picture of Logan at his little birthday party we had for him on Saturday. As you can see, he had no problems digging right in to the birthday cupcake we gave him. The child still has no teeth, but that didn't stop him. LOL

We had a very busy Halloween with having a little celebration for Logan in the morning and then in the evening we had trick or treating and family come over to have a get together. We were in party mode.
With the holidays coming up, if you don't know a mini crock pot, I'd highly suggest going out and buying one. They run ten bucks and they are so worth the money. I just purchased one a few months ago and I'm finding that I use mine a lot. I've found some great recipes to use for the small crock pot.
For Saturday night, we made little smokies in the mini crock pot. It is so easy, just buy a pack of smokies and then add a jar of grape jelly and a jar of chili sauce (can be found near the ketchup). You let all of that melt down for about 2 hours and they are good to go. Now I know this combination doesn't sound appetizing, but I promise they turn out great. My mother in law gave me the recipe a while ago. The smokies are a filling appetizer to serve when you have a crowd coming over. I didn't have any left after the night was over.

I promised I'd post a picture of the kids in their costumes and I'm almost embarrassed to post this picture, but we just had a hard time getting pictures as you can see. Logan was in a foul mood (I called him the p'od pumpkin) and Sawyer wasn't thrilled about riding in the wagon. But once we got started Sawyer had a wonderful time trick or treating and really got into it. Sawyer's costume is a triceratops and I feel like the picture doesn't do it justice. He looked really cute in it. Poor Logan had so much excitement we didn't take him far. I guess he wanted to be at home and wait for the great pumpkin. But over all we had a wonderful Halloween. Now we have to plan for Thanksgiving. I'm sure November will fly by too. October went way too fast.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I can't wait to share the holidays here on the blog. I've got some exciting things in the works for the blog, including my blogiversary coming up. So stay tuned. Have a great Monday in your neck of the woods!

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