Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Greetings Earthlings!
So, it's Earth Day. I hope you are having a good Earth Day. It has been raining here since Saturday which I know is good for "Mother Earth", but I'm kind of sick of it. And, I think my allergies have gotten worse from the dampness. I guess I have a mold allergy. I'm ready for some sunshine.

I've already done my part to go green this week by using my reusable grocery bags at the grocery store. It makes me so happy using those bags. Especially since I am able to get so much more in those bags. I seriously estimate I saved myself from getting about 10 plastic Wal Mart bags. And, the added benefit is I could grab up those 3 big bags when it was raining and it didn't take as much time to load my car. I am happy to see that Wal Mart is now selling these resuable bags. I've noticed a lot of their commercials are promoting green efforts.

By the way, if you are a Wal Mart shopper, be sure to check over your receipt carefully. I was over charged yesterday $34.00 for lemons. Yep lemons. I bought one and was charged for that, plus another 58. I have no idea how the girl managed that. But, they were great and took it off my bill. Wow, that would have been a lot of lemonade.

Crafty Green Goodness
I decided to do a search for Earth Day crafts so I'd have crafty something to share with y'all, and I found this one on the website. It is a melted crayon earth. I remember making things like this when in school and thought it was such a cool project. You could make a couple of these and tape them up on a window. The kids would love it. Here is a link to the project.

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