Saturday, April 19, 2008

Whoops! Better late than never!

I feel so bad. We were so busy yesterday, I didn't get to my Fabulous Favorite Friday post. So, I thought I'd take a minute to post it today. I know I said I wasn't going to post on weekends, but I figured I'd post today than skip one of my favorite posts of the week.

The first thing I wanted to share with you this week was one of my favorite websites I try to visit multiple times during the week. It is called Sk*rt. They have some really cool articles and I just love the vibe of the site. So, check them out.

My other Favorite Friday pick this week is the Design Mom blog. She is a dynamo at updating the site multiple times during the day Monday through Friday. She has some super cute things. And, she has some great companies that donate products for fabulous random give aways. It is a great website to get unique gift ideas for kids. I highly recommend checking it out.
Well, I hope things are little more together next week to get my posts in order. I hope you are having a great week/weekend. The weather has been so nice here, we are getting in as much outdoor time as we can. Of course we are all sneezing due to the pollen, but hey that lovely yellow fairy dust is means spring is here.

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