Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let's talk TV

Ok, I feel very cheated about my tv shows as I'm sure many of you are feeling. Just last night I was wondering when Las Vegas would be back. If you haven't watched this show, it had been coming on Friday nights. Tom Selleck joined the cast this season, so it has gotten extra good. Who doesn't love Tom Selleck? Anyway, I was hoping that at some point they'd get some new episodes in the pipeline but with May right around the corner, I guess that isn't going to happen. The whole tv season has been really messed up with this writer's strike.

America's Got Talent
I caught a promo on NBC sometime yesterday that showed some of the summer shows coming out. I think I will especially appreciate some of these new summer shows since there wasn't much on during the regular tv season. I tried watching America's Got Talent last summer, but I got sick of hearing "The Hoff" whine about being hasseled. But, bless his heart after that video that came out of him off the wagon, I guess he had a lot going on. Hopefully he is better. And, Sharon Osborne is very kooky. I wonder if she is coming back. I do like Piers Morgan. I wasn't surprised he won the Celebrity Apprentice. Maybe I'll give America's Got Talent another try. I wasn't thrilled with the folks the judges were passing through as talent last summer. I'm sorry, but a cross dresser who supposedly "looks" like Chakirah (spelling?) doesn't count as talent to me. And that freak Leonid or whatever his name was just freaked me out. Yuk.

Last Comic Standing
Anyway, one show I probably will watch will be Last Comic Standing. Because I like to laugh. I will warn you that if you haven't watched the show before, you definitley want to make sure your kids are in bed if you watch. I don't know why some comics have to get dirty, but you know there are always a few. I personally appreciate the comics who are clever with their jokes, they don't have to go straight for the vulgarity. The show starts May 22nd at 9:30 EST on NBC if you are interested.

So You Think You Can Dance
I may try to catch So You Think You Can Dance. That comes on Fox. I have half watched it before and I'm always amazed at how they find people with no formal dance training that have such a gift. It is a great show to give you a real taste of different types of dance.

American Idol
With all this tv talk, I thought I'd end my post by saying I think David Cook has such a great chance at taking the AI title. He is so versatile, I really thought he might have a hard time with the I heard Randy Jackson say on Ellen yesterday he thinks it will be a battle of the David's. I think he might be right. I was so proud of Carly last night picking a great song. Brooke needs to go. I'm sorry, but this late in the competition you don't get a free pass to stop a second song because you don't have it together. She is a sweet girl, but isn't ready for the big time yet. Syesha did great and I haven't been a big fan of hers. I think Jason needed to pick a different song. His voice wasn't strong enough to handle Memories. I guess we will see who gets the boot tonight.

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April said...

I love last comic...its great for a laugh....and ditto on putting the little ones to bed..

have a happy day