Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear Corporate America here my cry...

Over the Memorial Day weekend I attempted to do some quick shopping (whatever that is) with my two year old and 7 month old in tow. They can be good for quick trips, especially if Sawyer has his Snack Trap to keep him occupied. The only way for this even to be remotely possible is for me to have them in the double stroller. I have a Graco double stroller that is the long kind. When we knew we would need a double stroller, I knew I wanted one that didn't go side by side because it would be hard to get them through doors. I'd observed other moms with the side by side strollers have a hard time. So, I tried to find an option that would fit my needs and hopefully allow for as much flexibility as you can have with two small children. My Graco double stroller is my saving grace when I'm trying to go out.

I tried to go into the Children's Place and ended up walking in and walking out. This is not the first time this has happened when I've tried to do clothes shopping for my kids and thus I feel the need to say the following:

Dear Children's Place and Gymboree Stores:

As the mother of two small children, I find your stores very difficult to patronize. When I had my first child almost three years ago, I was so excited to finally be able to shop at your stores. This quickly changed when I found out what a nightmare it is to take a stroller into your stores. While I appreciate your efforts to provide me with a great selection of clothing, that is diminished by my constant bumping into bulky rounders and t-shirt tables that are low to the ground and easily catch on stroller wheels. And now that I have two small children and a longer double stroller, shopping in your stores happens even less. To try and back up a double stroller in your stores is like trying to back up a Greyhound Bus out of a parking deck. Shopping with children is like having a ticking time bomb and making my shopping experience even more difficult does nothing to enamor me to your stores.

I ask that you please hear my plea to address how you set up your stores to make them a more "mom friendly" environment. I am a fan of the clothes in your stores, you've got that right with your cute things, but it does me no good if I can't get to them. So, please consider putting the racks up higher to save my sanity.

Many thanks,

A mom trying to stay sane while shopping with tiny tots.

And now back to my blog post...

I know there are other mom's out there who must deal with the same frustrations. So moms out there, what do you think?


Jen Martakis said...

I totally agree! It is a pain in the butt. I shop online for both of those stores. ;)

Stacey Michaud said...

Oh, I sooo agree!

Jen said...

Oh yes, you'd think that stores would cater more to moms w/kids (esp kids clothing stores) but they are major pains. Those strollers are hard enough to manuever and then add in a tight-fitting space. Not fun at all!

Anonymous said...


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