Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Tip Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you are having a good week so far. It is hard to believe we are already half way through May. This past weekend we attended the college graduation for one of my sister's in law and my other sister in law graduates this coming weekend. These are my husband's sisters. They are both going to be teachers. We are hopeful that they can find positions. I never thought there would be a time that it would be hard to find teaching positions. We are excited for them and wish them all the best.

About two months ago, I started following a number of blogs that have great information on using coupons. I've found some great information and have really tried to make the effort to save more money in these uncertain economic times. My husband and I have always been money conscious, but it seemed like a good thing to focuse on a little more.

As you can see, I've got a button on the side to the Deal Seeking Mom website. She has great information on coupons and deals. Another great website I've been visiting is A Full Cup. They've got a great community and have a new forum where you can find helpful information on coupons. If you are interested in joing A Full Cup, please use my referral id when you register. http://www.afullcup.com/register/?referrerid=119163 I highly recommend that site for finding out about great coupons to print. And I love the Target coupon generator. Who doesn't love shopping at Target?

So, for my Two Tip Tuesday post I thought I'd share two tips that I've learned about related to coupons.

1) If you want to get started with couponing, a system that I've found helpful is to take the coupons and put them in file folders and date the folders. If you visit websites such as a Full Cup, they can help you match up your deals and a lot of times they reference the date that coupons came out. So, keeping them in a file folder by date has made it so much easier to reference. When I make out my list, I will then cut out my coupons.

2) In order to always have all my coupons together, I went to Michael's crafts and bought a really cute plastic tote. It is the perfect size to hold all of my folders. Also, the plastic container fits well in either my double stroller. I have to put the kids in a basket, it fits with the baby carrier on the top of the basket and I can fit the plastic tote beside it.

And, today I'm passing on a bonus tip. If you want some great coupons, go to the Kraft foods website. They have a ton of awesome coupons you can print right now. I was able to print coupons to get a dollar off Crystal Light, Ritz Crackers, and even Philadelphia Cream Cheese. There are a ton of other great coupons. If you haven't registered with the website, you'll need to do that. It doesn't take a lot of time at all. I highly recommend checking it out soon. Apparently they only put out a certain number of these and people print them up quickly.


Julie Edmonds said...

Great Tips!! I'm a big AFC fan!!! Love saving me some coupon money .. it means I can spend more on my crafts!!


Jen said...

I signed up for A Full Cup under you--can't believe I hadn't signed up yet! I used to use it when they had the old system and didn't need to sign up.

I still am in debate about how to arrange my coupons--I've heard good things about the file folder system by date and then also in using a binder w/baseball card holders. That's what I'm working on organizing currently, but then it's harder to find the ones by date--so I might end up trying your way, too!

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