Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fabulous Favorite Friday

Happy Friday everyone. This week has seemed to fly by. I can't believe Sunday is Mother's Day. We've had so much rain this week I am hopeful that it will start to clear up soon. I'm ready to start enjoying nicer weather.

Before I share my Fabulous Favorite Friday pick, I wanted to let you all know how I approach sharing information on products. I've seen that this seems to be a big debate right now in the blogging community. I only share about things that I like. Period. If I don't like something I'm not going to pretend to like it. I don't and have not received any monetary compensation for any of the items I've shared about. And any time I've received a sample of something, I've mentioned it in my posts. There have been times I've been happy that a sponsor has wanted to share a sample with you as well. I hope that continues to be the case.

A few days ago I added to the bottom of my blog a disclosure policy to make sure it was clear my policy on the products I review. I thought it might be good today to just reiterate my position. I hope it has been clear in the past, but I just wanted to lay it out again for those who read my blog. I value those of you who come here and don't want to lose your trust.

And now back to our regularly scheduled Fabulous Favorite Friday post. For my Fabulous Favorite Friday pick today, I wanted to share some information about a new product. I was fortunate to be in an exclusive group of bloggers who were given the opportunity to review a new deodorant they have coming out called Dove Visibly Smooth. Last week I received a gift pack in the mail with this deodorant to try.

The scent I was given to try is called Wild Rose and I love, love, love it. It is a light floral scent. It smells pretty. This deodorant couldn't have come at a better time because the weather has been yo yoing and we've had some warm, humid weather. A great test for a deodorant. It has worked great and I would recommend it.

They say that this deodorant is supposed to have some kind of technology that makes you feel stubble free longer. With tank top and strapless dress season coming up, this is something for folks to consider.

My husband has sensitive skin and a while back he started using the Dove unscented deodorant. While that is not the same product as the one I just tried, I wanted to share that our family has used other Dove products in the past and had favorable results with those as well. Their items seem to be very gentle for the skin.

Here is a link to Dove's website. There is a great $2 coupon you can go to the website to print off. I highly recommend doing it.

I hope y'all have a great Mother's Day weekend. Happy 1st Mother's Day to my sister and any other first time mom's out there.

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