Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Tip Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you had a nice weekend. We were very busy and had fun taking the kids swimming. They both are like fish in the water. They love it and have no fear of the water. Which sometimes scares me I must admit. All that splashing wore them out. This might be a very good summer. LOL

Big Button News!
I am so excited that last night I was finally able to add to the blog my very own button. I finally got every thing straight and it is on the right. Ta da! I wanted to do something vintage looking so I took a picture and uploaded it to Photobucket and tinted it with Sepia. This is a picture of me with my grandmother. I called her Gang Gang. My mom said that I was only a few months old and she was giving me my first lollipop. That is what we are holding in case you couldn't tell. I wanted to pick this picture because I was very close to my Gang Gang so I thought it might be a great way to honor her by having her featured on my blog. She passed away about 15 years ago and I miss her. I know she would be amazed to see things like blogs and she would have loved the dvr. LOL So, I'd love it if you'd grab my button and add it to your blog.

Tip #1
For my Two Tip Tuesday post, I have my model, Mr. Sawyer here to demonstrate. For my first tip, I wanted to suggest that if you have a little one that is learning to use utensils you consider using the plastic picinic forks for them when they are learning to eat things like waffles. I've purchased the plastic kids forks, but they just don't seem to work well and are too rounded for kids to be able to stab into foods like waffles. One day it occured to me that a plastic picinic fork would work well. It is light weight enough for them to hold and it has enough of a point at the end they can stab at the food.

Tip #2
I had to make a number of dishes this weekend that called for using Cool Whip. With the great Kraft food coupons I've been able to print recently, that really helped out when buying Cool Whip. BTW, if you want to get in on this great deal, check out the Kraft Foods website. They've had a bunch of great coupons. Or, check out Deal Seeking Mom's website (her button is on the side of my blog). A lot of times she has a button which will let you scroll through and see coupons.

After empyting the Cool Whip containers, I threw them in the dish washer. Of course they are great for storing things, but I have saved them because I am going to use them to hold different paint colors to let Sawyer paint outside later this week (provided it doesn't rain). Another idea I have is to use them as sand castle molds when we go to the beach later this summer. I'll be sure to post pictures later this week if we get a chance to use them. BTW, I am sure I've seen posts in the past on doing other fun crafts with Cool Whip containers on the Make and Takes blog. Her button is on the right, so if you are looking for other ideas check her out. She does awesome projects with her kids.

I am hoping to get more posts in this week and to share some great recipes that I made over the holiday weekend. So be sure to check back. Have a great Tuesday!


southerninspiration said...

Sawyer is such a big boy now!! Wow.....and some good tips!


Jen said...

Love your new button--how special to include your grandma!! Very sweet!

I too love to re-use things like Cool Whip containers (or any type of plastic container). I actually keep them stored in a drawer that is Madalyn's and then use them when needed. I like to use for art supplies/projects, etc--great idea w/the sand castles!

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