Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two Tip Tuesday Cinco de Mayo Style

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Hope you are having a great Tuesday. The weather is gray and rainy here, but so far we are having a great day.

I wanted to think of two tips to share with you that were Cinco de Mayo related and here they are:

1)If you plan on having a mojito for Cinco de Mayo and you've ever thought of growing your own mint to go in it, I wanted to offer some tips on growing mint. It is super easy to grow, but don't make the mistake I did and plant it in the ground. Grow it in pots. It is very invasive and can be a bit much to control once it takes off. Mint doesn't require a lot of work, just stick it the pot and keep it watered well during those hot summer months. It is great not only for mojitos, but for also adding a little zip to your ice tea.

2)If you are making guacamole for Cinco de Mayo and don't want it to turn brown, add a touch of lemon juice to it. I saw this tip on the Food Network a while back.

So, hope you are having a great Cinco de Mayo and enjoy these two tips for this Tuesday.


Paula said...

I love mint and grow mine in pots like you do. I didn't know if mine would come back after all of the cold we had this winter, but it did.

Together We Save said...

I completely let Cinco de Mayo go by unnoticed and my daughter was very disappointed. I will have to do better next year.

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