Tuesday, March 4, 2008

From sea to shining sea

In my area, there is a tax service called Liberty Tax service. How do I know this? Because the friendly folks at Liberty have employees dressed up like Uncle Sam or Lady Liberty and they stand on the side of the road waving like crazy. Ever time I see these folks, I get a chuckle. And I always honk. Because it is a tough job standing outside for hours on end, trying to get people to stop on by and have their tax preparation done. So, if you see folks standing out on the street with signs selling something, give them a honk. Show them some love.

I am hoping to make another recipe from Deceptively Delicious this week. I am trying to figure out which one. There are so many interesting ones to choose from. So, I hope to have another video blog up soon.

Bath & Body Works Offer
Just to let you know, from now until Thursday if you make any purchase at Bath & Body works, they are throwing in a free Orchid tote. You can get one at your local store, or through their website. What a cute little bag! I am all about free stuff. Oh, and the new orchid scent they have out is great. It is a very light scent. So, if you don't like heavy stuff, I'd give it a try. They've had little small bottles for $1 by the register. I love these for my purse or to put away for the summer when I go on vacation. These would make a nice little something to stuff in an Easter basket for a friend or a mom.

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