Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I hate Santa, but I love the Easter bunny

Those are Sawyer's thoughts this year. He wasn't wild about sitting on Santa's lap. So, I wasn't even going to have him sit on the Easter bunny's lap. But, this weekend we went to the Yankee Candle shop in Colonial Williamsburg and lo and behold the Easter Bunny was hanging out there. As soon as Sawyer saw him, he ran up to the bunny and was just in love. I wonder if it is because he sleeps with his blue bunny every night? Who couldn't help but love a furry white bunny? The Easter Bunny was so good with Sawyer. Such a nice bunny!


Paula said...

So cute!! Love the video.

Sawyer looks like he is really mobile now and could get away from you in a heart beat!

Bemused Observer said...

I was wondering how that precious boy would react to the Easter Bunny -- I remember how he hated Santa!

I can't believe he's so big -- walking like a pro -- and what a good momma you are to pick him up and then back away to let him enjoy his visit with the Big Bunny!

It just makes my heart glad every time you post a video clip.

~Lisa~ said...

Those pictures are just adorable! How sweet.

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