Thursday, August 7, 2008

As I mentioned yesterday, I got on a roll and have another top ten list of fun, cheap things you can consider doing this summer to make some fun memories. Summer is quickly slipping away and soon we will start to see the leaves change and pumpkins will appear. Before the summer gets away from you, consider doing one or more of the following.

1)Get some playdoh
Ok even if you don't have kids, who doesn't love playing with playdoh. Just squishing that around can be a great stress reliever.

2)Make rice krispie treats
They are super easy to make and you can snack on them as you make them. They always bring a smile to my face. And the home made ones are so much better than the ones you can buy in the store.

3)Start a journal
Even though this is something a lot of folks start out doing at the beginning of the year, why not capture the last half of this year by starting a journal. It isn't too late.

4)Get some new lotion
I find that a good pick me up is to get a new lotion. I was just in Bath & Body Works and they've got a new scent out called Black Amethyst. The little bottles were by the register and were $1. So, if you want to try something new and want an inexpensive pick me up, consider trying a new fragrance.

5)Try a new recipe
Sometimes I find that trying out a new recipe helps get us out of a rut. Maybe you weren't able to take an exotic vacation this summer, but that doesn't mean you still can't experience a new place via a new recipe. Maybe you could have Morocco night or a night in Paris. I'd say check out the Food Network website for some ideas.

6)Do a random act of kindness
I find that doing something for others always puts me in a good mood. Take a moment to look around you to see if there is someone you can help in some small way.

7)Put out wind chimes
I recently found a great pair when we went to the beach and I put them out last week. I used to have a few pairs of wind chimes a few years ago and they got worn out, so I was glad to get a new pair. I find their slight tinkling sound so relaxing and it always makes me happy to hear them.

8)Take a walk and look at the leaves and flowers now (see how different they all look before fall gets here)
Even though it is hot, this is something my little guy has recently brought to my attention. He is fascinated every time we go outside with leaves, sticks, and blades of grass. His child like innocence and wonder about the world around him has taught me to "stop and smell the roses". You never know what you might be missing with rushing around.

9)Get an early start on making up address labels for your holiday cards (who has time at the holidays)
This is something that will be so helpful to get started. It is really simple to make up labels in Microsoft Word and have them ready to go for the holidays. I love having labels on my pc because I find myself using my list year round when I need to quickly look up someones mailing address.

10)Set aside 5 minutes a day just for you (drink a cup of coffee/tea, read a magazine, find a quiet place)
This is such a hard thing to do, but I really think it is a necessity to help recharge the batteries. I find my time comes at night once I get my little guy down for bed.

I hope this list of things helps you to take some time to make some great memories for the summer of 08'. Don't just think back on this as the summer of the Olympics, think of it as the time you did some small things to change your life. Enjoy the memories.

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Jen said...

Thank you for such a wonderful list. Great ideas!

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