Thursday, August 14, 2008

What a day yesterday

What a day yesterday turned out to be. I had to take that stupid glucose test. Now, let me tell y'all that since my first son was born so early I never had the opportunity to take any of the glucose tests. So, I have no frame of reference and the doctor's office didn't tell me step by step what they do. I show up their yesterday morning and hand my lab slip to the LabCorp person. I tell her that I'm their for the 3 hour glucose test. She doesn't respond and goes on her way. Then she hands me this stuff to drink and says to tell her when I've finished. I do that and then she says they'll draw my blood in an hour. So, I asked her what they will do after that. She says there is nothing else, I'm doing the 1 hour test. I was livid because I had told her I was supposed to do the 3 hour test. She said my slip didn't say that. But, I told her I had told her that I was getting the 3 hour test when I handed her the slip and if the slip didn't say that then why didn't she speak up and tell me that when I handed her the slip. I could have easily walked upstairs to my doctor's office to get her the slip she needed. The lady was so rude to me and didn't apologize or anything. I went upstairs to my doctor's office and they gave me a new slip. I was irritated because the doctor who gave me the slip had filled it out wrong (I had to see someone else the last time because my doctor was on vacation). So, long story short the LabCorp and doctor's office screwed everything up for me yesterday and I have to go back tomorrow to do the test. It has been such a hassel because I had to get a babysitter for my little guy, then spend the gas money to drive 20 minutes for nothing. Oh, and I had to fast too which wasn't fun. I have an appointment with my specialist today, so I'm having to drive over there today and tomorrow. 3 days in one week. Unfortunately I couldn't do the test today because you have to do it first thing in the a.m. and my appointment with the specialist is in the afternoon. Also, I couldn't work it out not to take my little guy with me. So, it will work out but I hate the hassel I've had to go through this week. I'm tired already!

I have started looking at some of my knitting things and I am going to try to start knitting a hat for our new little guy soon. I know I need to get it finished before he gets here because I won't be able to do it once he is. Knitting just takes too much concentration and I can't do it when I'm sleep deprived. Once I get it finished I'll post a picture.

If I could have a glass of wine, I'd raise one but I guess a glass of milk will have to do. So, here is to having a good end to the week.

Tomorrow I will try to have a great Fabulous Favorite Friday post for you. Because TGIF!

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