Tuesday, August 5, 2008


After doing some scrapbooking on Saturday night, it was interesting to go to church on Sunday and the minister preached a sermon on memories. It was a really great sermon and really spoke to me. And I thought it was interesting timing since I'd just been working on scrapbooking the night before.

I'd had a tough morning (actually few days) with our little guy who is going through some of the terrible twos. Of course as much as I love him, it was nice to have an hour to sit back and reflect and to be with adults who aren't constantly having melt downs around you. Can you imagine that in church? LOL

While I was listening to the sermon, it helped me to reenergize my batteries as a mom. Even though being a parent is the toughest job I'll ever have, it has been the best job. I look back at the pictures of Sawyer and the tough start he had and I am constantly amazed and in awe of God's work. Every moment that he has been alive has been about making memories with him and my husband. Our family. Life is precious and short and I've learned that I want to spend mine wisely and not to look back one day with regrets. Even though the days as a mom are long and the pay off doesn't always come immediately, the long term rewards have been great so far. That is why I like to pull out playdoh, let him run outside and play in his pool, or get filthy in his sandbox. Yes, these activities make more work for mommy, but they are the things that a childhood should be filled with. Being a kid.

Sawyer and I had the opportunity to go to the Outer Banks last week for a few days and I told my husband I wanted to go because for me it has been important to make special memories with Sawyer before his sweet little brother makes his appearance. It was fun to do that with friends. Even though Sawyer is too young to remember, I'll remember and of course scrapbook it for him to have. And of course I'll always cherish those memories.

During his sermon, the minister said he was at an age where he was beginning to understand why older folks might take a piece of masking tape and put in on furniture and valuables around their home to show who got what when they pass away. They want to be remembered. If I died tomorrow, I'd want to remembered as a good wife/mother/daughter/friend. So I hope the memories I'm making with my family will provide that for them one day when I'm gone.

Even though the economy is crummy and gas prices are high and people don't always seem positive about things, I think that this can still be a great summer. A summer of memories. It is all in how you choose to make your memories and how you approach life. So, what have you done or are you going to do to make some great memories? I'd love to hear from you, so please feel free to share.

Check back tomorrow for my top ten list of fun ideas to make some great memories this summer. It isn't too late!


Lorrie said...

what a beautiful post. I love it and really needed to read it today, especially since my post seemed to be such a downer. I might even go add something to mine after reading yours.
Thanks for the uplifting reminder to look at the good things we've been blessed with.
Have a beautiful day!! =)

Lisa Dorsey said...

Thank you for the reminder. I definitely need to be reminded of that from time to. :)

Val said...

I am enjoying all the time I can with my granddaughter and making layouts of her!

Lily said...

thanks for a wonderfully inspiring post

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