Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Top of the Tuesday to ya

Well, I had intended on posting a few things today and the day has gotten away from me. With having to run errands, feed a little guy, and get him down for a nap, I can't believe half the day is gone. Yikes!

A couple of things I will comment on quickly...

How sad is it that Bernie Mac died over the weekend? He was a funny guy. I caught a few episodes of his show a few years ago and they were hilarious. If you never saw the Bernie Mac show, be sure to check out the episode where he gets a Costco (I think it is called something else in the episode) membership. It is hilarious. Especially if you know someone who is a Costco/Sam's addict. LOL It is hard to believe he was only 50 and passed away. I had a bad feeling when I heard on the news last week he was back in the hospital. So, RIP Bernie Mac. You will be missed.

Is anyone else watching the Olympics? I've had it on at night, intending it for background noise and I've gotten sucked in. I have enjoyed the swimming events and seeing Michael Phelps break records and do so well. And the other swimmers. I heard on the radio this morning some interesting facts about the swimming pool. The Chinese have done some things to help with making the pool to be more swimmer friendly which is why so many records are being broken. One thing they have been doing is they have a system that gets those stinky chlorine fumes off the surface of the pool which makes it easier for the swimmers to breathe. Also, they said that they have a system that puts little bubbles in the water which somehow helps break the water surface and makes it easier to swim in. I thought that sounded pretty cool too.

Oh, and did you hear the story about the women's beach volleyball player that lost her wedding band in the sand? How crazy is that? Fortunatley they were able to find it for her. I never wear my jewelry to the beach. I just know I'd loose something. I guess she might stop wearing hers there. She is so skinny its no wonder that the ring flew off. LOL

So, I guess I'll go for now. I don't know what events will be on tonight, but it has been an interesting Olympic season.

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sally aka cellomom said...

Here's the funny thing with that ring in the sand story...when the volunteer found it, she told him "thanks...now my husband will stay married to me!!" and then she taped it to her hand before she won gold!! i love the Olympics!! LOL!!

good luck with your glucose test!!!

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