Monday, July 13, 2009

Beech Nut

Happy Monday everyone. I wanted to share with you some great information I recently learned. I have been feeding both my little guys Beech Nut baby food. I started with Sawyer when he went on solids and now I have been using it for Logan. Apparently they have a program where you can save your labels to get coupons. They also have a program where they will send you a new parent package that has coupons in it as well. I called their toll free number to get the new parent package sent to me. I haven't received it yet since I just called last week. Here is the number 1-800-233-2468. Here is a link to their special offers page where you can get more information on their coupon porgrams.

I have liked the Beech Nut Oatmeal and Rice Cereals because they come in a container that has an easy to use pour spout. I add this to Logan's bottle at night and it makes it so much easier to add it to the bottle with this rounded pour spout.

It is always nice to find a product that works and a way to save some money on something you like.

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