Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two Tip Tuesday. It's Chic on the Cheap!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I don't know where Monday went. We are so glad that Sawyer is doing much better and has recovered from his viral tonsilitis. We had to go to the doctor because we had his 3 year old checkup scheduled, so it was nice to have a follow up check up to confirm he was better.

I had a fun filled weekend. My sister in law is engaged and I went to the local bridal expo with her and a few others to check out the latest and greatest in the bridal industry. Apparently the latest and greatest craze is to have photo booths at wedding receptions. There were a number of companies featuring those. It was an interesting concept and provided a really unique give away for wedding guests. We had fun making silly faces and fun memories for my sister in law's scrapbook.

Before going to the bridal expo, our family headed to Panera for our morning bagel. I have to say I'm a real fan of the Asiago cheese bagel. I get it sliced, not toasted and put some Land O' Lakes butter inside. I do not get them to toast it because they always over toast my bagel and I hate that. I don't want to take a chance of chipping a tooth on some hard bagel. And, I do like cream cheese on my bagel, but I find that the containers are more than I'll use so instead of ending up with a bunch of cream cheese I'll never use I just stick with the butter. Paula Deen would be so proud.

After visiting Panera we went over to the Kohl's to check out their sale. Because you know Kohl's never runs a sale. LOL I hadn't been in Kohl's for a while, so I did enjoy browsing. I have learned that it really pays to check out the marked down jewelry section. As you can see in the picture, I hit the jack pot. I love the Candie's jewerly Kohl's sells, but I think that a lot of it is over priced. So, I was excited to find these necklaces marked down. One was marked down to $6.00, another was $4.00 and another $3.00. The two necklaces on the right are not something I'd usually get, but because they went together and could be layered I decided to get them. And paying only $3.00 and $4.00 helped with the decision. I ended up wearing them when I went to the bridal expo and I just love them. They looked great together.

I just love the necklace on the left because it has so many layers to it. The round circles are faux coins. What also made these necklaces attractive to me is that they are pretty sturdy with all the layers. I need that these days because Logan likes to pull on my jewelry, so if I wear something when I have the kids then I need it to hold up.

So, here are my Two Tips for you this Tuesday

1) As I mentioned above, be sure to check out Kohl's clearance jewelry section. You never know what you'll find.

2) When looking for cute, inexpensive jewelry and accessories check out this website. http://www.sammoon.com/web3/index.asp Big Mama featured it on her blog last Friday. I have had such fun checking it out. There are so many cool things I want. I sent the link to my sister in law because they have the cutest tiaras and when you are going to be a bride a tiara is definitley on the table. What other time in your life can you get away with wearing a tiara? Because every girl should feel like a princess for a day.

Have a great Tuesday folks!


southerninspiration said...

Nothing like Sam Moon, Shelly....you should see their store!! WOW!!!
Have a good day and I'm glad Sawyer is better!


thriftylittleblog said...

Thanks for the tips. I never really go to Kohls, but I always see their sale commercials. I'll have to check it out.

nicole said...

My cousin got married last weekend, and while I wasn't there, I heard all about it from my dad and brother. They had a photo booth, and then a scrapook that people could put a snapshot in and write a note. I think it is a great idea--way more meaningful than a boring guest book with just a bunch of names.

dena said...

they have sam moon stores around us. never knew they had a website. there's another store like it called Compass Trading Company. you can get CUTE stuff for cheap.

Madame Deals said...

Just stopping in from blog hop. It is so funny about Kohls! They are always running a sale... or so it seems. You can find some great bargains though! Clearance racks are what I go to first at any store! Love a good deal!

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