Friday, July 10, 2009

Fabulous Favorite Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so glad to be blogging today. I've had so many things I've wanted
to share lately and unfortunately my blogging time has been cut back. Those darn kids and general life keep getting in the way. LOL

With the warm weather here, I've been trying to grill out more. It is just so much easier to prepare dinner that way and there is nothing like the taste of grilled meat and veggies. I love smelling them cook on the grill.

I wish my picture had turned out better so you could see the package better, but I have discovered the wonderful rubs and seasonings put out by McCormick Grill Mates. This one is called Sweet & Smoky Rub. I put this on a steak one night and my husband said it was the best steak I'd ever made. It really turned out well. I have to say I just used this on pork chops the other night and even though the packaging says you can use it on pork, it was much better on the steak.

Grill Mates also has two other seasonings that I'd recommend. They are Montreal Steak and Montreal Chicken. When I've used these as well as the rubs, I've taken them and just added a little oil to them in a ziploc baggy and that helps the rub/seasonings stay on the meat. So, if you are looking for something to jazz up your grilling repetoire, give these McCormick Grill Mates a try. I think you'll be pleased.

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Have a great weekend! And happy BBQing folks!

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