Friday, July 17, 2009

Fabulous Favorite Friday

What a week it has been. This is one tired mama. Poor little Sawyer has had viral tonsilitis. He hasn't eaten in two days. I'm trying to get something in him today. But, I think that the high fevers are going away which is good news. We saw the doctor yesterday and we are having to wait it out. I hope we are on the upswing. Oh, and I've seen so much Curious George that I could probably win a CG trivia contest hands down. Better George than Barney.

Since this has been such a rough week, I've had two things I've used this week that have given me a little boost that I thought I'd mention for my Fabulous Favorite Friday picks.

My first pick for today is Gillette's Satin Care Lavender Kiss shave gel. I have previously recommend Skintimate, but I have to say I like this brand too. I had a coupon and got it for free when I bought a Venus Embrace razor. Which by the way, I again highly recommend. I have tried some other razors recently and they just don't compare to the Embrace. It is still hands down the best razor. I have yet to cut myself with it. But, I digress. The Lavender Kiss shave gel has been great to use and I especially love the scent. With this being a stressful week, that calming lavender scent has been nice. So, if you see this in the store I'd recommend it.

My second pick for today is Yardley of London's Lavender soap. I bought mine a while ago when it was on sale at Walgreen's. They occassionally run a sale where you can get if for 69 cents. If you aren't a fan of lavender, what is wrong with you? Just kidding. What I was going to say is if for some reason you don't like lavender this soap does come in other scents. I love this soap because it leaves a light fragrance on your skin. It is a great way to have chic luxury on the cheap. And who doesn't want that these days?
So, here is to wishing you a great weekend of health and fun this summer of 2009. Wasn't this supposed to be the summer of George?

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Lisa B. said...

I'm going to try the Lav Yardley. I didnt know Walgreens carries it. Then again, I dont shop Walgreens often. :)

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