Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bless his heart and it's Two Tip Tuesday

Well, today has certainly not gone the way I thought. I was up at 3 a.m. with Sawyer. And then when he woke up this morning he was running a fever. Took it a while ago and it was 102.3. So, we are off to the pediatrician in a little bit. I have a suspicion that the ear infection he was treated for did not clear up. But, what do I know I'm not an MD. I just play one at my house. LOL

I wanted to try to get a quick Two Tip Tuesday post in because I love sharing great info. That was one of the big reasons I started this blog.

Tip #1
I've discovered the Mom It Forward website and it is a great resource of information. My favorite thing about Tuesdays now is Girl's Night out or #GNO as the hashtag is listed for Twitter. Every week there is a chat using Twitter. Tonight's topic is Simple Summer Meal Ideas. You can check out the details here. http://momitforward.com/rsvp%e2%80%94gno-shares-simple-summer-meal-ideas-tues-on-twitter Be sure to rsvp because they usually have awesome prizes. I've connected with some awesome ladies through these weekly chats, found some fabulous people to follow on Twitter and I've discovered lots of useful information. If you've never done a chat using Twitter, check out Tweet Chat. http://tweetchat.com/ This can help you with doing it. It is a lot of fun. I hope to join in this one if I can get my little guys to bed. I'm sure the recipes will be flying!

I have been saving quite a bit lately and getting some awesome deals by utilizing A Full Cup. The Target coupon generator alone has been so helpful. I'd suggest getting over there and taking advantage of this deal. Right now they have coupons for Edy's/Dreyer's ice cream for $1 off. You can go to Target and use these on the little cups they have that are on sale for $1.19. 19 cent ice cream can't be beat. http://www.afullcup.com/ So, I hope this tip helps you beat the heat. Everyone needs to stop and have some ice cream. That is one of my favorite things about summer.

Have a great Tuesday everyone. And say a prayer that we get well and a sound night's sleep. Oh, and hopefully I "see" some of you on the Girls Night Out tweet chat tonight through Mom It Forward.

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