Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alert! Alert! Target has gone 90% off!

Alert! Alert! Target has marked their Christmas stuff down to 90%. I know what you are thinking, what do I need. What is even left? Well, let me show you what I bought and explain why you should get thee to Target!

Both tubes of these shatter proof ornaments were 50 cents. 50 cents people! And that garland was 69 cents. Oh, I threw the gift tags in there because we bought those when they were 75% off. I think the reason we bought the gift tags is self explanatory, but here is why I bought the garland and the ornament balls. The fun garland I bought to decorate my kids wagon. Even though it gets really cold here, there were a few times during the Christmas holiday that we used the wagon. With having two little ones under the age of four, sometimes using a wagon for both of them is easier than a stroller. We do this when we Trick or Treat at Halloween and last Halloween I bought Halloween garland to decorate the wagon. So when I saw this was still left, I decided to go ahead and buy some Christmas garland to jazz up the wagon. Just call it the, "Pimp my Wagon" episode here at the Chic Crafty Chick Blog.

The ornaments I have two ideas for using them. This year I had shatter proof ornaments that I'd purchased after Christmas the year before and I used them on all my outdoor decorations. I wired them into garland with floral wire. I put them on the garland that went around my front door, as well as on some small topiaries we had by the front door and some of the small trees out in the yard. The large homes on Monument Avenue that are decorated by the big time florists do this. So, I decided to steal this idea and do my own "Christmas chic on the cheap". I was so tickled with the results. My garland and topiaries really popped from the street. I chose red and gold because I knew that the gold would especially show up well. I also bought some ribbon after Christmas last year that will match, but the bows didn't get made for this year. So hopefully we can get those done for next Christmas. I'm not a bow maker, so I'll have to enlist the talents of my mom and/or my mother in law. I can't tie a bow to save my life. And I'm ok with that.

So back to the ornaments. These tubes of ornaments are possibly going to be used indoors for me to add to a green garland that I wound around the banister going to our upstairs. I figured with two wild boys, shatterproof ornaments were a good way to go. The other idea I have for them is to wire them into wreaths to go on my windows. I took a picture of the wreaths I made a few years ago that hang in the bay window of my kitchen. I bought those wreath's at Dollar Tree and then dried the fruit in my oven and I bought the ribbon. I probably didn't even spend $15 dollars to make those wreaths. I'm not sure if I'll retire these wreaths that I have pictured below, or if I'll just make wreaths to add to other windows. I haven't decided. But I thought that wiring those ornaments onto a wreath would be good.

Even if you aren't a crafty person, you can easily make a wreath with ornaments. Just get three ornaments and add some floral wire to them and "tie" them onto your wreath in a cluster. I remember a florist telling me a secret that arrangements look best when you put three items together. So, when I was bunching my ornaments on my garland this year that is how I made some of my clusters.

Some of the Target stores had sets of small ornaments left. They would be really nice to grab up to put in a wreath too. With Valentine's Day coming up, you could easily add them to a glass vase for a centerpiece or to glass hurricanes. The sky is the limit. That is if you don't want to wait to use them for next Christmas.

So those are my suggestions for planning for decorating for next Christmas. Buy now, save now and enjoy later!

Hope you are having a great day in your neck of the woods!

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lisarenata said...

boy do I love those after Christmas sales! When I open my boxes the following its like this huge treat seeing all the new items I bought the previous year. yes I love it.

btw- I love making bows and so does Kris, so if you need some tips or help as us at the next meeting.

Happy New Year!

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