Monday, January 18, 2010

Cha, Cha, Cha, Chia!

Happy Monday and Martin Luther King Day everyone. What a week last week. I missed blogging. My grandfather got moved to a rehab place on Thursday. Basically they are going to work with him until February 4th and then they will do surgery on him and determine what they will have to amputate. It has been so hard and bless his heart he is just so sick. He is a good patient and is trying so hard. He has so much healing to do. I'm proud of him because he is trying so hard with sitting up and trying to bear weight, etc. If you would keep him in your prayers I'd appreciate it.

Last week my poor sister had to take her bulldog to the vet to find out the dog might have cancer. The dog got a spot on her and when she went to the vet Friday they sent her to a specialist on Saturday. The specialist operated on the dog and they are waiting to hear back from the lab about the results. Hopefully it will be good news.

Ruth's Chia Goodness
A little while ago, I was sent a new cereal to try, Ruth's Chia Goodness. I had the Apple Almond Cinnamon flavor to try. This is a cereal that can be served hot or cold. I ate it cold, but once having it I think it is one that would be good to try hot.

My family doesn't have any gluten issues, but I've noticed recently that there are more products on the market because it must be something more families are facing. If you have that concern, then this is a cereal you may want to give a try because it is gluten free. It is also lactose free if you have that issue.

This cereal is interesting because it has a mix of chia seeds, apples, cinnamon, hemp and other goodies. I have to admit I wasn't a real fan of the texture since the chia seeds are so tiny. And I'm not someone who gets whacked about food textures. Even though I didn't like it that the seeds were so small, the taste of the cereal wasn't bad. If you like cinnamon a lot then this would be a good cereal for you because the cinnamon is the predominate taste when you first take a bite.

With winter here, this would be a good cereal to try since it can be eaten warm. It comes in other flavors including Original, Cranberry Ginger, and Chocolate is on its way.

If you are a yogurt lover, this would be a good cereal to try in yogurt. I plan on giving it a try that way too. I'm trying to eat healthier and finding products like this helps me with that goal. Putting together this with some yogurt would be better than getting the yogurt parfaits at McDonald's.

Right now in the Target dollar spot they've got these cute little containers that are for eating cereal on the go. It has a part you can freeze so your milk will stay cold. It would be a great thing to grab to be able to take your cereal with you. If you've made a New Year's resolution to eat healthy, getting that handy dandy container and some Ruth's Chia goodness can help you along your way.

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