Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snuggie love

I feel like there is one member of the family who has been neglected lately on my blog and that is our boston terrier, Miss Zoe. She is a sweet pup and the only other female in the house, so we have to stick together. She is my girl.

Bless her heart she got a Snuggie for the holidays. And as you can see, she is less than thrilled. I think if she could talk, in the first picture she'd be saying, "Crap. Why, oh why do you do this to me?" She is not a fan of wearing the Snuggie, but even less a fan of the harness. She wants to run free, the way bostons were meant to be. It is how God intended. But as we always tell her, she has short hair so her nub will get cold. Because boston's don't have a tail, they have a sweet little nub that wags in greeting when they see you. Seriously, if you ever get a boston and live in a cold climate they really do need a coat or sweater because they can get sick if you don't keep them warm. It isn't just for show.

The story behind her getting the Snuggie is that on New Year's Eve we have our family over and some friend's of ours. And for the last few year's we've played that game where everyone brings a wrapped gift, we draw numbers and then the fun begins. Well, I during one of the rounds when I had a gift stolen I went and opened up a gift to find this. It was a good thing that I got it because DH and I are the only ones who own a dog that were playing the game. Hmmm.

There is nothing sweeter than a boston cuddling up with you on a cold night. And we've had plenty of those lately. So here is my girl in all her pink Snuggie glory.

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