Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nocturnal Visitor

Meet our night time visitor to my backyard. We call him "Old Man Possum". Old Man Possum likes to visit our backyard in the winter time. I have no idea why. We definitely don't leave any food out or anything that should attract him. We never see him in the summer, just in the winter. And the reason we always end up seeing him is because Miss Zoe our boston terrier likes to tree poor Old Man Possum. And Old Man Possum is not a fan of Miss Zoe. In fact, he is the reason I made my husband install huge spotlights on the back of our house a few years ago. That and the fact that I'm scared to death of snakes and didn't want to chance stepping on one at night if we had to go in the backyard.

Miss Zoe treed Old Man Possum Sunday evening. And dh had to go out and get her because he decided to hang out on our fence as you can see and his and cuss at her. Even after we brought her in the house, he wasn't budging off the fence for a while. So dh decided to grab the camera and get a shot of him.

So that is some of our night time excitement here around my house. When we go to let Miss Zoe out we are doing the Old Man Possum scout out.

I spoke with my grandfather last night and he sounded good on the phone. He said they are still waiting to see what will happen. He said they may have to amputate a toe or some toes. It may not be a lot. I think they are still trying to get him prepared mentally. I'll give him a call later this evening to check on him. It is just so worrying to not be close to run and check on him. Also, diabetics don't always heal well, so that is a concern. So if you'd still keep him in your prayers I'd appreciate it. We are grateful that he is still with us. The Lord does still do miracles these days and him even being alive is a miracle in and of itself.

Hope you are having a great day in your neck of the woods!

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Rebecca said...

How funny! We had a possum at our house for a while too. He would come up on the deck and peek in the door. I thought it was funny, but my dogs didn't. Hubby finally ran him off with a broom one night.

Hope you grandfather is doing better!

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