Friday, January 8, 2010

Prayer and the Feast

Usually I start every Friday by saying Happy Friday. But I have to admit I'm not feeling very happy today. I got word late yesterday that my grandfather was taken to the hospital and had emergency surgery Wednesday evening. He is diabetic and had a blockage which blocked him from the waist down. They think that the nerves in his left leg may be gone and today they are discussing doing surgery to amputate. I just can't even imagine. I am so upset and feel very helpless because I live 3 hours away. We just saw him a week ago Monday and he wasn't feeling well and then I had called at the beginning of this week. I just haven't had a good feeling about how he has been doing.

So, if you wouldn't mind saying a prayer today for my papa, I'd appreciate it. And for my mom as she tries to be there for him. Here he is with my boys and I am hoping he comes out of this so he can be around to see them a bit longer.

Yesterday I blogged that I was cooking a feast. I have to admit I didn't feel a lot like eating, but we did sit down and have a family dinner. I thought I'd posted some pix of how things turned out. These are the Rhodes yeast rolls that I mentioned. I love bread, so I love it when you can find a good yeast roll.

Here is the roast I made. I seared the outside of it in a frying pan before putting it in the oven to cook. I cut up carrots, potatoes, and onions. I cooked the onions in the frying pan when I seared the meat to give it some of the meat flavor and then put them in my roasting pan. I added a little bit of beat stock to the bottom of the pan and put the top on the roast and cooked it in the oven. The meat was flavorful and tender. DH really liked it.

I like cooking comfort food like this in the winter time. I don't do big meals like this all the time, but I think it might be nice every few weeks to have something like this. Who wouldn't like to have a spread that looks like something Aunt Bee would put on the table for Andy and Opie?
The snow came last night and put a dusting on the ground. Just enough to be pretty and hopefully not cause any problems.
Hope you are having a great day in your neck of the woods.

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