Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System


Have you seen this new Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System automatic soap dispenser? I picked one up at Wal Mart last week when I saw they were selling them. I was so excited because my sister has had an automatic soap dispenser from Williams and Sonoma. She was given one as a gift a few years ago for Christmas. I believe the one she has runs between $30 and 40 dollars. She has always had a really hard time with refilling it. So, knowing that has kept me from putting out the money for one. So when I saw this one by Lysol, I decided that for ten dollars I'd give it a try.
I have a love hate relationship with this. First, when I went to put the soap into the dispenser it didn't click so it didn't work right away. But, I read the directions and once I did what it said it worked like a champ and has been ever since. Two things I don't like is that I don't like the smell of the soap. It isn't terrible, I just don't love it. And the other thing is that I feel like the dispenser puts out more soap than you need. I'd estimate it puts out about a teaspoons worth. It seems like a lot.
The dispenser comes with batteries, the dispenser, and one soap cartridge. The scent that I got is something with a leaf on it. They have another scent that is cucumber which is ok. The boxes have a scratch and sniff, but when I scratched mine in the store I couldn't smell anything so that wasn't any help. But, for the convenience of having the automatic dispenser I guess I'll get over it. I think Lysol should team up with Bath & Body Works. Those folks know how to make great smelling soaps. :)
I have my dispenser in my kitchen. The main reason I wanted this was so that when I cut up meat, I didn't have to touch the soap dispenser. I'm always worried about salmonella. So that has made me happy.
Bottom line, I do like this system and I would recommend it.
So, that is one new thing in my neck of the woods. Hope you are having a great day!

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nelle said...

I have one of these too and wow I agree about wanting Bath & Body Works refills! Our Lysol No-Touch dispenser is behind the kitchen sink on one side but the Bath & Body Works foaming hand soap is still on the other side :) I think it might be nice to have one of these for dish soap too.

My hubby did some monkeying with the dispenser to get it to use less soap... our water had a hard time washing off all that thick Lysol hand soap.

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